Community Redevelopment Agency

The Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) of the City of Lauderhill is dedicated to the economic revitalization of both Lauderhill districts – Central CRA and State Road 7 CRA. By encouraging investment, job creation, and housing, we aim to heal urban communities that have been scarred by inequity, lack of infrastructure, and non-conforming uses.


The Lauderhill CRA’s mission is to encourage new investment, job creation, and housing options in urban areas that were blighted by inequity, non-conforming uses, and lack of infrastructure.


The City of Lauderhill’s Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA), is an entity created by the City of Lauderhill to promote economic and community revitalization of defined areas in the City. Each of these areas are defined as CRA districts and are governed by the Mayor and Commissioners of the City of Lauderhill.


Lauderhill has two CRA districts: Central CRA, and State Road 7 CRA

Central CRA

This Community Redevelopment Plan (CRP), begins with infrastructure improvements that will enhance the look and vitality of the Central Lauderhill CRA and consequently increase property values.

State Road 7 CRA

Together with The City of Lauderhill, we have developed a bold, comprehensive plan to reverse decades of slow decline in the State Road 7 corridor and to transform it into a showcase of diversity, style, and function in Broward County.

Homeownership Opportunities

The American Dream cites that “anyone, regardless of where they were born or what class they were born into, can attain their own version of success in a society where upward mobility is possible for everyone.” The Lauderhill CRA’s Neighborhood Improvement Program is helping hopeful, future homeowners with the opportunity to achieve this dream!


These events are designed to bring awareness to the district, create a sense of belonging for all those who visit, and attract new shops, boutiques, and restaurants to the area. Each event is jam packed with food trucks, live concerts, dancing, art demonstrations, games and more!


The Community Redevelopment Agency serves its businesses and communities by offering specific programs designed to help revitalize and improve the communities and businesses in its defined areas.

Job Opportunities

Welcome to the CRA Job Opportunities page. Here you will find available job opportunities posted by the CRA.

Community Updates

THE CENTRAL was created by the Lauderhill CRA for the residents of Central Lauderhill; it’s our goal to share important programs, events, and projects taking place in the community.

For information on CRA programs, contact our CRA Director Sean Henderson.

For information on redevelopment opportunities, projects, or special events contact our Economic Development Division.

CRA Annual Reports