Central CRA


On June 14, 2004, the City Commission of Lauderhill adopted Resolution 04-R0691, which approved the findings of Necessity Report for the Central Lauderhill CRA and forwarded the report to the Broward County Commission for review and action. On June 22, 2004, the Broward County Commission passed Resolution 2004-596, which conferred power to the City of Lauderhill to create a Community Redevelopment Agency and prepare a Community Redevelopment Plan for the CRA. In order to guide development in the area to identify and access funding sources for public improvements the City of Lauderhill has prepared a Community Redevelopment Plan.

Some of the goals outlined in this plan consisted of:

The City of Lauderhill and the Lauderhill (CRA) have been working hard to revitalize and redevelop the Central CRA through infrastructure improvements, initiatives, community programming, and more. The CRA’s goal is to elevate the community and transform the Central CRA in to a safer and more prosperous district. The perimeter of the Central CRA has been generally defined by the city of Sunrise to the West, the Florida Turnpike to the East, Oakland Park Boulevard to the North, and Sunrise Blvd. to the South. The CRA comprises approximately 619 acres.

Plans & Maps

This Community Redevelopment Plan (CRP), whose implementation is already in progress, begins with infrastructure improvements that will enhance the look and vitality of the Central Lauderhill CRA and consequently increase property values. The next stage, the focus of this CRP, calls for targeted acquisitions and rehabilitations of deteriorated and crime-ridden properties by both the public and private sectors. Finally, the CRP envisions the ultimate redevelopment of lower-density, yet higher-tax-value neighborhoods that fulfill the City of Lauderhill’s mission statement of being a city that is a secure, clean and a desirable place to live where people of diverse cultural backgrounds and incomes peacefully interrelate.

Below you can see a map of the Central CRA as well as the Central CRA Redevelopment Plan. For more information on development opportunities within our CRA boundaries please contact our Economic Development Division.

Please see below for the Central CRA Plan:

Financial Information
The CRA is a dependent, special district of the City of Lauderhill. Its financial report and annual budget are included in the City of Lauderhill’s reports below.


Project #1. CRA NEW HOMES

Exciting projects never cease in this city! Lauderhill’s Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) initiates its Infill Housing Program, taking the lead to expand the residential inventory by setting out to design, construct, and sell ten new, single-family homes. Interested homebuyers have the option of three- and four-bedroom floor plans to comfortably suit existent families, as well as those that are growing households.

The site of this soon-to-be tapped potential is located along NW 28th Street and NW 27th Court in the Central CRA, south of Oakland Park Boulevard. Currently mere empty lots, the CRA is already fast at work in reviewing architectural renderings and civil plans. Upon approval, the Agency will begin to accept bids by general contractors for evaluation in about two months.

These modern homes consist of one elevation, feature a garage, and provide ample lawns to invite every homeowner to dream of his or her future here. For more information visit our CRA Homeownership Opportunities page.