The Empowerment Series

The Empowerment Series is an exciting and dynamic series of seminars geared towards educating and inspiring the youth in Lauderhill. These classes serve as a way of motivating the youth to achieve personal growth by developing the necessary skills, attitudes, and mind sets to succeed and thrive in life. Our recent series “Living My Best Life” took students through four seminars that taught them leadership strategies, business etiquette, resume writing, interview skills, personal responsibility, and financial literacy. These classes were led by none other than motivational speaker and self-proclaimed “Edutainer”, Mr. Hardge, whose unique and unconventional style of teaching creates an entertaining yet educational experience for his audience.

With classes averaging between 20-25 students a session, the City is working hard to cultivate the minds of the youth in order to grow and develop professionals and leaders for the future. The City has expanded its Empowerment Series within the last two years from local Community Centers to schools like Lauderhill 6-12 and Boyd Anderson High School. As the Empowerment Series continues to grow and expand to other schools, we will see a bigger change in our communities.

For more information contact 954-552-8918